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Program Overview

Program Overview

Congrats on embarking on this journey towards life long health changes for optimum health. Here at Prestige, we are always evolving our program with the latest evidence based protocols. Optimum weight is very essential for medical, emotional and mental health. Self confidence can become compromised very early on in life and is always a large part of every mental health diagnosis.

Our program is a global health improvement plan. We will help with food consumption as it relates to daily activities. We further help you integrate a workout schedule that is fun and easy to follow for life. Planned calorie intake appropriately during the day to fuel your mind and body based on your days activity is key. Starvation will lead to further reduction in metabolism. Once the body is fed appropriately at the right time, it will not obsess over food or taste all day. Make the entire process fun instead of a punishment. This will make the maintenance of optimal weight easier.

We have simplified the basic principles of re-fueling the body in-sync with our requirements. This way the energy consumption is balanced with energy expenditure. These principles might have to erase a lot of the old habits and health related knowledge that are not working well for your body

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