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Maintaining your progress with LAP-BAND

To ensure your continued success, we want you to have all the information, tools, and support you need to stay motivated and on track. Here’s what you can expect as you continue on your weight loss journey:

How you may feel
You may feel you’ve never been closer to your weight loss goals and be ready to embrace a new you. However, it’s understandable to still feel a bit uneasy about the change ahead. The good news is, as the weight comes off, this uneasiness seems to lessen — replaced perhaps, by a growing sense of pride and accomplishment.

What you can do

  • Remember all you’ve learned. As you progress, it may help to keep in mind all you’ve learned about eating, drinking, and exercise with the LAP-BAND® System.
  • Listen to your LAP-BAND®. If you pay close attention to your body and how you feel during and between meals, over time you will learn to recognize when you may need adjustments to maximize the results you get with the LAP-BAND® System.
  • Reach out for support. Your surgical team can offer a great deal of understanding and insight. Discuss your feelings with them. Ask about support groups in your area.
  • Tap into the LAP-BAND® exclusive partnership network. Take advantage of extra tips, tools, benefits and discounts that can lend even more support as you work to reach your weight loss goals. Available only to LAP-BAND® System patients — through our exclusive partnership network.

What you’ll eat
At this point you’ll typically be eating solid foods, although in smaller amounts. It’s vital you get plenty of nutrients from these small quantities, so eat smart — about three small meals a day. Learn to enjoy daily vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy products, and grains or cereals. Our Dietary Guidelines is great to keep on hand at home and when you shop.

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