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DOT Certification


The purpose of this examination is to determine a driver's physical qualification to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

In addition to reviewing the Health History section with the driver and conducting the physical examination, we will discuss common prescriptions and over-the-counter medications relative to the side effects and hazards of these medications while driving.

We will educate the driver to read warning labels on all medications. History of certain conditions maybe cause for rejection, particularly if required by regulation, or may indicate the need for additional laboratory tests or more stringent examination perhaps by a medical specialist. These decisions are usually made by us in light of the driver's job responsibilities, work schedule and potential for the conditions to render the driver unsafe.


Responsibilities, work schedules, physical and emotional demands, and lifestyles among commercial drivers vary by the type of driving that they do.

Some of the main types of drivers include the following: turn around or short relay (drivers return to their home base each evening); long relay (drivers drive 9-11 hours and then have at least a 10-hour off-duty period), straight through haul (cross country drivers); and team drivers (drivers share the driving by alternating their 5-hour driving periods and 5-hour rest periods.)

The following factors may be involved in a driver's performance of duties: abrupt schedule changes and rotating work schedules, which may result in irregular sleep patterns and a driver beginning a trip in a fatigued condition; long hours; extended time away from family and friends, which may result in lack of social support; tight pickup and delivery schedules, with irregularity in work, rest, and eating patterns, adverse road, weather and traffic conditions, which may cause delays and lead to hurriedly loading or unloading cargo in order to compensate for the lost time; and environmental conditions such as excessive vibration, noise, and extremes in temperature. Transporting passengers or hazardous materials may add to the demands on the commercial driver.

You can download DOT - Medical Examination Form here.

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